Recovery Capital Inc.

Recovery Capital Inc.

Is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides funding for recovery events at Lake of Dreams, particularly the annual family picnic held in June. Recovery Capital operates through a group of volunteers providing the funding for these events through individual and group fundraising for individuals and families to experience healthy, safe and sober events at no, or limited cost, to the host.

Frequently Asked Questions What is Recovery Capital?

Recovery capital is a term that describes all the supports in the community for individuals, families and groups engaged in the process of recovery from the disease of addiction and/or who have been affected by another person’s addiction.

What is Lake of Dreams?

Is a private man-made lake south of Jerseyville, Illinois where the owner of one of the homes has made the home and property available for 14 men and women’s retreats annually and hosts an annual picnic on the Saturday before Father’s Day. The first retreat was held in the fall of 2008 and today, retreats are held during the spring, fall and winter. The first picnic was held in 2003 when a handful of men and a few of their children came to experience a sober lake experience. Since then, the picnic has grown to host as many as 600 to a day full of activity on and off water. The homeowners of Lake of Dreams sacrifice their time of the water for that day so that the guests may have access to the lake for swimming, fishing, water skiing and more.

What are the Funds Used For?

Recovery Capital’s primary purpose today is to provide funding for the annual picnic at Lake of Dreams so that it is at no, or limited, cost to the host. Expenses include lunch and dinner meals, snacks, refreshments, transportation costs for recovery speakers from out-of-town, lifeguards, boat drivers, water ski coaches, fireworks and all incidentals.

What are the Administrative Costs of Recovery Capital?

Recovery Capital is governed and operates entirely through volunteers. Recovery Capital’s role is to provide funding and is not engaged in hosting the events. As such, all of the funds raised are used directly for funding of the events.

Will Recovery Capital Fund Other Events?

The Board of Directors of Recovery Capital have engaged in a strategic planning process to evaluate the feasibility of supporting other events in the future. However, at this time, it is funding only the Lake of Dreams events.

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Paul D. Melnuk, Chairman Kurt Derouse, President Lew Bechthold, Treasurer

Paul D. Melnuk, Chairman Bill Bourne
Kurt Derouse
Shawn Intagliata
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