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Women's Retreat Signup

Fields marked with an * are required


1 .Fill out registration form and hit submit (below).

2 .After filling out the registration form you will be emailed a link from our auto response initiated after registering.

3. PLEASE register people individually.  If you are registering someone else please use their information (phone and email) since we contact people before the retreat for service work.

4.  The LODI Steering Committee request that any sober house members limit 6 retreat goers to any one retreat.  If more that 6 would like to attend please divide up among the retreats so that no more than 6 are on any one retreat.  

PLEASE FILL IN ALL FIELDS - Please be sure to click the SUBMIT button on the bottom of the form. (In order to secure your spot, please pay $50 per person via Paypal using friends and family option to save the fee.  All fields with an * are required. If you do not complete a field or check a box, the form will not be submitted.

Be sure to choose the date of the retreat you wish to attend.  

Check your email for payment link.  All fees are non-refundable and added to the LODI fund if you cancel.